Marc Dougherty

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Marc Dougherty

Professional Experience

Google, Inc.

2012 - Present

Site Reliability Engineer - App Engine

San Francisco, CA

  • Ensured the uptime, reliability and scalability of App Engine.

  • Facilitated the explosive growth of large App Engine customers by making changes to the request routing path.

  • Wrote policy and automation for App Engine pushes, enabling 5x increase in push velocity.

  • Automated sharded backups of all App Engine customer data.

  • Participate in on-call rotations, incident response, and contributed to numerous postmortems.

Google, Inc.

2009 - 2012

Site Reliability Engineer - Mobile/Android

San Francisco, CA

  • Responsible for backends of a wide variety of mobile-centric services, including Google Maps, and services core to the operation of all Android devices.

  • Trained new London-based team to support services used by all Android devices.

  • Designed and built unified monitoring framework to simplify configuration and dashboarding.

  • Expanded the exising rollout automation to support a wider set of services.

  • Onboarded several new services, converting them to use existing Best Practices with minimal disruption.

Google, Inc.

2006 - 2009

Corp Reliability Engineer

San Francisco, CA

  • Responsible for several internal-only services used by the sales and customer support organizations.

  • Led team of 4 engineers in the onboarding of CRM software.

  • Established monitoring and service management best practices.

  • Built monitoring and launch dashboards for Android’s initial public launch (2008).

Turbine, Inc.

2004 - 2006

Systems Administrator

Norwood, MA

  • Developed automation and tools for use in game development

  • Maintained various internal corporate systems


Northeastern University

1999 - 2004

B.S. in Computer Science

Boston, MA



Python, Bash, Ruby, Java, C/C++


Git, Docker

Cloud Services

App Engine, Google Cloud (Compute Engine, Cloud Storage)