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Multi-cluster load balancing with Google Cloud
·1233 words·6 mins
Reliability Kubernetes Load Balancing
Building blocks of a Developer Platform
·1002 words·5 mins
Three flavors of Terraform iteration
·941 words·5 mins
Terraform Platform
Terraform and GKE Annotations
··564 words·3 mins
Architecting for Traffic Drains
··1024 words·5 mins


Testing changes to Renovate configs
·702 words·4 mins
Understanding GCP's Loadbalancer models
·552 words·3 mins
Day 2 Observability - calls to other services
·681 words·4 mins
Observability O11y
More Github CLI Tips
·729 words·4 mins
Gh Cli
Handy Yaml Tricks!
··520 words·3 mins