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Inspired by the Amazon Dash-style esp8266 IoT button, I built a button my distant family could use to request a refill of my home-made jam (though it could be used for anything). To keep with the theme, i built the whole thing to fit in a standard 8oz jam jar.

Muni Displays

San Francisco’s Muni trains are not well known for their ability to be on time. Recent sfmta data shows a ~60% on-time rate (where “on-time” includes arriving anywhere between 1 minute before to 4 minutes after the intended time). Fortunately, they provide real-time arrival estimates with the Next Bus service. While the QuickMuni app does a great job of displaying this on my phone, I wanted to build a more “ambient” display, to help me decide when to leave in the morning.

Unicode (emoji) keyboard

Emoji keyboards on mobile devices have been in widespread use for a while, but I sometimes find myself using a computer, and have a hard time remembering the unicode identifiers for a nice cup of tea (1f375 - 🍵 ) or a suitable warning character (2620 - ☠ ). So I decided to make a supplemental Unicode keyboard.

Big Red Button

I was working on a particularly challenging service turndown, which involved handholding some user migrations. During the waiting periods, it occurred to me that turning off the service by simply typing the right command lacked a certain gravity.